What Types Of Air Conditioners Are Good For The Phoenix AZ Area?

In a market where companies have to innovate to remain competitive constantly, we now have numerous air conditioners from which business owners and homeowners can choose. That being said, you should note that some air conditioners are ideally suited for specific environments and uses while others are not. There are different units better suited for homes, businesses, or apartment complexes.  But, all should be installed by an expert.

For instance, for home air conditioning, the ducted central air conditioner is the preferred air conditioning unit owing to its incredible efficiency in conditioning a large house. This unit is able to condition an entire home by supplying conditioned cool air to the house and drawing warm air out of the house.

Alternately, homeowners have the option of using the ductless mini-split air conditioners. These units are designed to condition the house in zones, whereby each zone can be regulated using its own thermostat. This means while the house uses a single outdoor compressor/condenser unit, you can have as many as four indoor handling units for different sections of the house. Other air conditioning units suited for homes include hybrid units and geothermal heating and cooling units.

As for apartment complexes, the most efficient means of air conditioning is a distributed heating and cooling system. However, in buildings that lack such a system, individual apartments can use portable air conditioners and window air conditioners. These units are easy to install in individual apartments.

In the case of a business, it all depends on the location of the company, the size of the premises and the types of business. The air conditioning needs of a small restaurant are not the same as a small to medium-sized office and are markedly different from the requirements of large office space. When businesses are operating out of small spaces, the split system air conditioner is the preferred choice. However, as the space that has to be air-conditioned increases, businesses usually opt to use the packaged system for its efficiency.

Split Air Conditioning Units vs. Package Units – Which Is Best For Arizona?

Aside from considering issues of which unit is better suited for a particular use, you also need to consider where you live. In Arizona, most homeowners and business owners tend to choose between the split air conditioners or the package air conditioners. However, understanding how each unit functions and the advantages that each unit yields to its user is crucial if you are to choose a unit that is perfect for use in Arizona.

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In a package unit, every part of the air conditioner is placed inside the outdoor unit. That is, the evaporator, the condenser, and the compressor are housed inside one unit. As such, there are no components that take up indoor space. Due to their space economy, the packaged units are perfect for use on Arizona business premises. Many business premises in Arizona tend to have a low slope roof, where the packaged air conditioner unit perfectly sits in a single unit. Therefore, you do not have parts of the air conditioner occupying indoor space.

For homeowners, the split air conditioner tends to be the best choice. In a split air, the air handler is installed inside the house while the noisier compressor and condenser are located outside. In doing this, homeowner benefits from a longer lasting evaporator and air handler system as they are not exposed to the elements. Furthermore, with these components being located indoors, it becomes easier to change the filter as advised by the manufacturer frequently. This in turn makes extends the overall life of the system.

What About Heat Pumps?

Heat pumps are increasingly becoming popular across Arizona. For starters, they operate using the heat exchange mechanism. In this regard, they transfer heat from one place to another (either indoors or outdoors) depending on whether it is in heat mode or cooling mode. During the summer months, they are very effective at air conditioning the indoor space. However, unlike traditional air conditioners, they tend to be far more energy efficient, thereby lowering the cost of air conditioning a home.


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