Signs Your AC System May Not Be Operating Efficiently

The summer is a wonderful time for cookouts, barbeques, water activities, vacations, etc. It can also be a dreadful time dealing with the summer heat, especially if you live in an area like Phoenix, Arizona.

Phoenix AZ family cooking on a BBQ

Having said this, having a fully operational air conditioning system is mandatory. And even though each system has its unique sound, various signs may indicate that your system is not operating efficiently. Thus, the following includes signs that your system may not be working efficiently:

Increased Costs

Increased costs in your electric bill could be a result of an inefficient air conditioning system. When an air conditioning unit is not running efficiently, it works harder to cool your home. And as a result, there is a pull on your electricity that will show in your electric bill.

So, it is essential to hire a professional HVAC technician to inspect and service your system regularly. He/she will inform you about any issues found and schedule when it is time to get various services done.

Frequent Cycling

The brains of your home cooling system include the thermostat. If you notice frequent on and off cycling of your system, you may need to get your thermostat replaced. Thermostat systems wear out due to everyday usage and dust.

Otherwise, frequent cycling could be a result of a compressor issue. Nevertheless, a handy HVAC professional can detect and fix the issue for you.

Unusual Sounds

Shut down your air conditioning system immediately if you hear an unusual rattle, clanking, banging, or some other sound that isn’t ordinary. Broken components, such as something electrical or fan blades, could cause strange sounds. Therefore, you need to schedule your HVAC technician to inspect and do the necessary repairs or replacements.

Low Airflow

There are a plethora of reasons why your AC system may have low airflow. The following could either be one or a combination of those reasons.


Low airflow can indicate an issue with the compressor. As one of the most crucial system components, you must have an experienced HVAC technician to determine if there is a problem with the compressor.

Ductwork Blockage

On the other hand, the low airflow issue could be from a blockage in your ductwork. This is especially true if some rooms have stronger airflow than other rooms.

Pressure Balance Issue

This problem could also be a result of a pressure balance problem. A reputable HVAC technician is vital to diagnose whether it’s a problem with your pressure and handle it accordingly.


Another possibility is the filter. If your filter hasn’t been changed recently, you won’t breathe in quality air, and you will encounter inefficient airflow. With some air conditioning maintenance plans, you can have the air conditioning professional change out the filter.

A filter that hasn’t been changed in a while is clogged with contaminants. And because of that, air can’t flow as smoothly and safely, and you and your loved ones’ breathing passages will take in the contaminants that are redistributed in the air. The result of this could lead those with respiratory/allergic issues into various health issues.


Ensuring your air conditioning system is up-to-par is one main way to ensure you have an awesome summer. Don’t take for granted that because your system worked fine during the spring or the previous fall season, everything is fine with your air conditioning unit.

Not only will you and your loved ones feel relief from dreadful heat, but you all will also maintain safe and healthy air quality. The good air quality will eliminate possible illness, especially if you or your loved ones have respiratory or allergic issues.

Furthermore, obtaining routine servicing of your air conditioning system will eliminate more possible costs in repairs and replacements. And as a result, you will have more money in your pockets for you and your family to enjoy for the summer.

So, contact us today for all of your air conditioning system’s needs. Our technicians are highly-trained, licensed, and experienced. Additionally, we are more than happy to assist you!