How Air Duct Cleaning Affects Your Home AC Performance

When dealing with the heat of the summer, your air conditioning system’s ability to function at its peak is of the utmost importance. Throughout the southwest, you must be vigilant about heat-related ailments, s they can be quite severe and come on quite suddenly.

Many people like to think that just because they have one of the best air conditioning units available will perform to a high degree. The truth is, many factors play a role in how well your cooling unit operates. W know to keep windows and doors closed to prevent the cold air from escaping, but have you thought about how well it can circulate within your home?

The air ducts inside your home, if properly cleaned and maintained, can provide adequate circulation for the air, allowing your air conditioning system to function at its peak performance level.

How Do Air Ducts Get Dirty?

Many people do not realize that air ducts become soiled because of interior and exterior contaminants. Your daily activities, such as cleaning or cooking, can cause loads of chemicals to spray into the air, clogging up the ducts that are supposed to provide clean air. Similarly, chemicals from the outside, such as pesticides, smoke, and exhaust fumes can seep in through walls and blemish your clean ducts.

The moisture caused by a cooling mechanism in your air conditioner is also a likely culprit. The reason for your air ducts being dirty is essential, but so is having them professionally inspected and cleaned out or repaired if need be. Once your air ducts are free and clear of all mess, your home will have a more consistent and stable temperature.

Benefits of Getting Air Conditioning Ducts Cleaned

In addition to allowing for greater consistency in your home’s temperature regulation, clean air ducts can also improve your general health. It makes the environment in which you live cleaner by significantly reducing the amount of dust flying from room to room.

Just as with the dust, cleaning the vents associated with your air conditioning system can reduce the number of allergens in the air. Not only will your home be more comfortable, but it will have fewer of those pesky irritants. A lot of the air that flows through an already contaminated air vent is likely to contain a high amount of dangerous micro-organisms that can damage the safety of your health.

Getting rid of these harmful particles floating on your air can make your home smell more pleasant, but you can make a deep sigh of relief. Having your air ducts professionally cleaned, especially in a place as warm and close as Phoenix, dramatically reduces your likelihood of suffering from respiratory distress.

HVAC technician doing a residential Air duct cleaning & inspection

How Often Should My Air Ducts be Cleaned?

Part of owning a home is performing the regular, routine maintenance on it. This includes your air conditioning ducts. While air conditioning ducts can get very clogged from outside contaminants, in a residential home, it is recommended to have your ducts looked at every three to five years. If your home also serves as a retail or commercial space, it is recommended that you do this more often. With more pedestrian traffic, your air ducts are likely to trap contaminants more readily.

Of course, this three to five-year rule is only the case if you previously had a thorough cleaning. The age of your home can also cause this to be a more frequently needed task. If you or a member of your household is often in respiratory distress or was recently diagnosed with a significant respiratory disease, know that having your air conditioning ducts cleaned out well by a professional is often the first step to alleviating some of their discomforts.

The air ducts in your home allow for the proper circulation of air, helping your air conditioning system perform at its best and remove harmful chemicals from the air. Cleaning these ducts enable them to circulate air more thoroughly and can significantly reduce these harmful particles in the air. Call a professional in Phoenix today to inspect your system and work with you on an action plan.