Common HVAC Problems In Phoenix

Commercial HVAC systems are required for businesses in the city of Phoenix, but the need for heat is going to be a lot less frequent than the need for some decent air conditioning. Anyone who has experienced a broken AC unit in this city knows how quickly even a small home in the shade can heat up and the importance of speedy service. A full commercial HVAC system is even more critical to keep up to date and functioning at its full capacity.

The good news is that the professional HVAC specialists, like Icon Mechanical, who provide service around the Phoenix area understand just how crucial it is to offer fast service and get things up and running again. While homes can get by with a little bit of improvisation for a while, a commercial system impacts more things and requires far more attention.

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The Two Most Common Commercial HVAC Issues

While several potential issues can cause an HVAC system to break down, generally speaking, most problems can be tied to one of two possible issues. These will account for the overwhelming number of cases that HVAC specialists will run into, and it’s why these professionals will understand these two issues inside and out, and look for them first at a new job site every time.

Common HVAC Problem #1: A Faulty Thermostat

This is the most common problem that comes up with any commercial system. HVAC systems are designed so that they can work automatically. This is supposed to create a smooth transition when needed, and the thermostat itself is the part that is responsible for switching the system between its two modes: heating and cooling. This can cause problems in a variety of ways.

Not only can this lead to overheating because the HVAC isn’t kicking in with air conditioning when it should, but it can lead to overheating from the HVAC continuing to throw out heat even when the temperatures are too hot as it is, and the opposite problem can also take place: over-cooling of rooms. Whether this is AC refusing to shut off when it’s cool or temperate outside, or the air conditioner stays on all the time even when interior rooms are frigid, it’s an issue.

There are many different specific ways a faulty thermometer can screw up the day, but the results are the same either way; a building that is far too hot or far too cold. Either way, that’s not an optimal business setting.

Many times a faulty thermostat is the result of low batteries, mechanical damage, or frequent adjustment – or a combination of these three factors. This is a relatively common problem, and because of that, it is one that can also often be relatively easily handled by a commercial HVAC specialist.

Common HVAC Problem #2: Coolant Problems

When it comes to figuring out the HVAC issues, the second most common problem to pop up would be issues with the coolant. You see, at their core the cooling system that air conditioners (the AC in HVAC) use goes off of the same mechanical principles as any common refrigerator. While some newer models have an evolved version of this, on older units as many older commercial buildings have, coolant will run through an evaporator as well as a condenser.

This allows the heat to be carried away to the outside while cool air remains in its place. However, if the coolant leaks then that expected and necessary cooling won’t happen. The best indicator that a coolant problem comes when you experience multiple abnormal temperature spikes. Another sign is when the air conditioner side of the HVAC is running, but the temperature of the room just isn’t dropping.
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You Need A Trusted Contractor

You always want a contractor who is licensed, bonded, and insured, but that is just the very beginning. That should be a minimum level of requirement before you consider hiring an HVAC repair company to tackle your commercial work. The second step is questioning them on their ability to handle a commercial level job and what their level of experience is. There is a massive difference between commercial HVAC repairs and residential HVAC repairs and the skill sets required to handle both are not interchangeable.

In addition to this, make sure to ask for references or check online rating sites. While you want to act fast as even a tiny HVAC issue can quickly grow and escalate, you don’t want to find out the troubles that come from hiring the wrong contractors. Reliable, trustworthy, and experienced are just three of the adjectives you want to hear when someone is describing a specialist you’re looking to hire.

Give as much information as possible. Most professionals want to leave a good impression, and most have good connections with others in the industry. If a job is honestly too big for a small company that is swamped, chances are they still have a good recommendation they’re willing to give.

If you’re going to be living in Phoenix, you need your air conditioning to be on top of its game, and this is true whether residential or commercial. Not a lot of business is going to be getting done if your building isn’t insulated from 110-degree summer heat outside. The same is true if the HVAC won’t shut off and you’re wearing winter coats indoors. Whenever even the smallest of persistent issues crop up, it’s time to call a local HVAC repair specialist.

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