All About Two-Stage Cooling AC Units

The demand for two-stage cooling is rising at present because of the many benefits offered by the process. You may come across this term frequently if you are in the market for a new air conditioner or heating system. The process improves the efficiency of the HVAC system and reduces your energy bills over time. This article provides information on the two-stage cooling process.

What Is Two-Stage Cooling?

The two-stage cooling system means the HVAC unit consists of a compressor with two levels of operation. You can run the AC differently depending on your cooling needs. For example, you may run the AC unit on full capacity on a hot summer afternoon as well as run it on part capacity on milder days. With a two-stage cooling system, you won’t experience days where the entire family is freezing due to “too much” air conditioning. The low setting in a two-stage system is usually adequate to meet the cooling demands of the average home 80% of the time. You will save on energy and utility bills as a result. That’s why you need to invest in a two-stage cooling system right now.

The standard air conditioner system will run at full blast, whether you need the cooling or not. You will always get an elevated level of cooling from the standard AC system. Too much cooling can make you and your family uncomfortable at times. It wastes energy and costs you a lot of money. The two-stage AC system has a compressor that runs at two speeds – high and low. It consists of a variable speed air handler to control the amount of air flowing into your home. You can choose the high or low cooling function depending on indoor temperature levels to control the amount of air coming from the system. That way, you save on energy as well as live in a comfortable environment.

A two-stage AC system will spend most of its time operating at a lower speed. The low setting is usually enough to cool your home during summers. Even on hot and humid days, the low setting will keep your family comfortable. When the system is operating in a low setting, the system will work continuously – without the usual on-off cycle. This will lead to better energy saving, higher efficiency, and better dehumidification in the long run.

When you invest in a two-stage cooling AC system, it’s all about demand. The two-stage system will initially use 100% capacity to reach the required interior temperature and then shift to part capacity to maintain the setting for as long as you need it. The perfect operation of a two-stage system usually depends on many factors, such as the outdoor temperature, energy-efficiency, and insulating features of the building. It would be best if you considered these factors when installing a two-stage cooling system in your home.

How Do I Know If My AC Is Multi-Stage?

The two-stage cooling system comes with multiple heating or cooling wires. The best way to know if your AC is two-stage is to pop the thermostat of its base and take a look at the cables. Take a look at the wires that lead into the W and Y terminals. The heating wires lead into the terminals labeled with a “W” while the cooling wires lead into the terminals labeled with a “Y.” In a two-stage cooling system, the heating wires will lead to W1 and W2 terminals, while the cooling wires will lead to Y1 and Y2 terminals.

Is It Worth Having And Why?

The part capacity operation of a two-stage cooling system has energy-saving benefits across your home. Reduced utility costs and increased energy efficiency are two of the most important benefits of investing in a two-stage cooling AC unit. It’s entirely worth your investment because you can recoup the money within a very short time. Here are some of the other benefits of investing in a two-stage air conditioner system for your home.

Added Comfort – The two-stage system operates on a continuous cycle to make your home more comfortable. It circulates just the right amount of air to maintain the required temperature levels in your home.

Humidity Control – Since the two-stage cooling unit runs continuously, it does a better job of dehumidifying the air in your home. The standard unit runs on short and intense bursts of air and doesn’t have enough time to remove water vapor from inside the house.

Prolonged Lifespan – The lifespan of an AC unit is affected by the regular on/off cycle. It’s quite challenging to shut the system off and turn itself back on. The two-stage system doesn’t have the wear and tear that come from the regular on/off cycle. The system will have a longer lifespan compared to the standard AC system.

If you are considering investing in a quality two-stage cooling system for your home, contact us for more information about upgrading your AC Unit.